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Excelerate athletes will have the physical and social skill set that allows them to excel in sport, academia and life.

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What is excelerate

A periodised curriculum that blends practical sessions, online support and brings ​together key stakeholders to create complete physical literacy and promote sustainable, self sufficient, high performance attitudes and habits.

Through the medium of sports conditioning young people learn and develop transferable skills and strategies for high performance and excellence.

Employs evidence based youth conditioning strategies with models of long term athlete development.

What does it look like?

  • 1 x 1 hour session per week (term time only)

  • Home conditioning programme

  • Online support and education

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Why Choose us?

Empower Young Learners

Equip athletes with a physical, social and life skill set that enhances self esteem and allows them to rise up, and overcome, challenges presented in sport, academia and life.

Promote Health For Life

Combat negative influences such as poor dietary habits, inactive lifestyles, early specialisation and narrow movement vocabularies. Educate learners to navigate their way safely through the plethora of online fitness advice available via social media.

Enhance School Sport

Excelerate athletes will be better conditioned and have a greater understanding of their own performance. In turn, this will improve competitive performance and contribute to a growing school sports reputation.

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