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This is a 2 day a week programme that has been developed to introduce the athlete to a wide variety of progressive speed, agility and change of direction drills.

Quality not quantity is the key with this programme. Speed and change of direction rely on the athlete moving with purpose, intent and good technique throughout.


speed kills
(6 Weeks)

Our 2 day a week strength programme is designed to expose athletes to a large variety of movements and exercises to increase their physical literacy.

Strength is a relative term and can depend largely on 'how' an athlete moves. Learning to understand the body and how to produce force is the goal of this programme.


Strength Dominates
(6 Weeks)

Combine both our strength and speed templates to create a formidable athlete.


With both programmes being designed to work alongside each other, Excelerate athletes will be stronger, faster, better conditioned and have a greater understanding of their own performance.


Robust lasts
(6 Weeks)
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